For years the increasing worldwide energy consumption has been accompanied by constant increasing energy costs. This causes municipalities as well as industrial- and commercial operations to develop independent energy supply systems and increases the efficiency awareness. At the same time fossil fuels, like coal and oil, are slowly but surely dwindling and the effects oft climate change are becoming clearer.
In order to take advantage of future cost reduction potential with low level of risk at the same time, priority must be placed on clean energy sources.


For this reason we address two key issues of energy management – supply planning and optimization of energy consumption. Unimagined energetic potential can be utilized through the use of shallow geothermal systems. Consequently, saving costs along with sustainable environmental protection.


 Energy management
Open Space Photovoltaic Facilities
Shallow Geothermal Energy

Regenerative Concepts for Higher Efficiency

The assumption that environmental – and climate protection measures quickly become expensive remains popular today. In fact, exactly the opposite ist mostly the case: a great deal of energy and money can be saved through the exchange of particularly inefficient facilities or through the intelligent use of renewable energy systems.


With our services in the field of energy we face the challenges that have developed through increasing shortage of fossil energy sources and the requirement of a climate-friendly energy industry. In the process, we are able to combine scientific and chemical-technical considerations that are necessary by the use of renewable energy sources. Whether your concerns deal with geothermal energy supply, the construction of open space photovoltaic facilities or energy saving concepts, with us you have found a reliable partner.

Energy Management

Long-Term and Permanent Reduction of Costs.


In the course of an effective energy management two main fields can be distinguished – the supply planning and energy optimization.


Both have the goal the effective use of energy, during its realization we would be happy to support you. Furthermore, we ensure completely documented and continually improved processes of the energy supply.


Our reference projects for photovoltaic facilities and shallow geothermal systems speak for themselves – convince yourself.

Our Services


  • Reduction of current energy costs
  • Improvement of the carbon footprint of the company
  • Planning security for mid-term energy procurement costs
  • Calculation of future investments in energy facilities




  • Strengthening the compensatory capacity of quick increase in energy prices
  • Continuous knowledge and control of main points of consumption
  • Image improvement

Open Space Photovoltaic Facilities

Shape the future Intelligently.


By the establishment of open space photovoltaic facilities further planning factors and remuneration rights as well as the site suitability itself plan an important role in addition to the determining factor of the profitability. We could demonstrate our in-depth knowledge in this interdisciplinary field in numerous pre-feasibility studies in scope of a project financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Environment.


In order to be able to realize your ideas, we offer you a step by step holistic consultation involving all participating decision-makers.

Our Services


  • Fundamental examination of the site
  • Assessment of the technical and economic feasibility
  • Strategies on the planning and development of the project
  • Establishment of open space photovoltaic facilities
  • Public participation – and cooperative models
  • Municipal financing models
  • Subsidy consultancy

Perfect cooperation. The interests of the client were represented and preserved very well despite the high requirements from the authorities. Professional working methods.



Mr. Wasmeier
GS Solar Verwaltungs GmbH

open space photovoltaic facility
Ploeßberg near Selb

Shallow Geothermal Systems

Heating and Cooling with Geothermics.


The energy potential in the upper layers of soil as well as in the groundwater can be used for heating- and cooling supply in the industry, in housing industry or in the public sector. We analyzed, evaluate, plan and monitor the measures from geothermal development up to heat transport to the transfer stations of respective consumer points. In doing this, we take into account the specifications of the energy savings ordinance (EnEV), the on-site geological conditions as well as the requirements of your existing systems.

Our Services


  • Investigation and performance test
  • Dimensioning of heat sources
  • Long-term hydraulic and thermal simulations
  • Applications for water rights
  • Tendering, contracting and construction supervision
  • Acceptance and documentation
  • Expert report
Contact person

Dr. Katharina Vujevic

  • Energy Management
  • Open space photovoltaic facilities
  • Shallow geothermal energy


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