Infrastructure & Foundation Soil


The spreading of urban lifestyles in the countryside is a phenomenon that has been observed for a long time. The development of whole building areas, larger property areas or individual properties requires a multitude of structual measures. During the planning and supporting of these measures complex legal issues arise that must be answered, in order to realize the most efficient possibility of use.


Considering the supply- and disposal aspects as well as the public road network the prerequisites for sustainable solutions have been created. In scope of infrastructure planning we offer our clients complete concepts for demolition and revitalization – in the process we always place emphasis on a holistic approach.


Foundation soil
Flood protection
Urban water management
Road and path construction
Hydraulic engineering

Competentely Supervising Construction Measures

We will be pleased to assist you with disposal-/remedial- and distribution concepts, and are available for questions concerning flood protection and we are your professional partner for construction expert opinions and geotechnical reports. Contact us directly- we will assist and manage your project.


Today good infrastructure is taken for granted and is not really noticed, when everything functions smoothly. Unless there are problems. In order to prevent such and minimize limitations as much as possible, our experienced team of civil engineers, geoscientists, hydrogeologists and building- and process technicians deal with diverse problems relating to this topic.

Foundation Soil

Results competently evaluated.


The planning of  building foundations requires the assessment of the bearing capacity and settlement sensitivity of the building site as well as of the groundwater- and strata water conditions. Our construction expert opinions (geotechnical reports) contain this information and furthermore provide tips for building waterproofing, seepage and recommendations for economic foundations and construction.


To be able to offer this to you throughout Bavaria, we work closely with our partner office Baugrundinstitut Dr. Spotka und Partner GmbH.

Avoid Additional Costs


Important for a meaningful result is high quality investigations along with the professional interpretation. This has direct impact on possible additional cost later.


In order to ensure the highest quality of sampling, we have been working for years with an in-house sampling team. You can find further information on our samplers here >> .

Our Services


  • Foundation soil investigation-/ assessment by means of dynamic probing and groundwater monitoring wells
  • Foundation consultancy
  • Engineering- geological consultancy
  • Foundation soil report

Flood Protection

Prevent Early.


Climate changes have led repeatedly to natural disasters in recent years and therefore the topic flood protection is a primary concern in many regions. In order to protect against environmental disasters that are often unpredictable in time and extent, it is necessary to take the right steps in advance.


Based on our simulations and calculations of events of flooding we plan an develop measures for flood protection, nutrient retention in the area and utilization of natural retention areas.

Our Services


  • Determination of the catchment area
  • 2-dimensional discharge models
  • Hydrological and hydraulic models
  • Long-term flood simulations
  • Heavy rainfall evaluation
  • Planning of special structures
Before the next severe
flood occurs, make
further provisions!
Minister of Environment,  Barbara Hendricks, 2017

Urban Water Management

According to your Requirements.


Urban water management contributes a decisive part for protection of surface- and underground water against pollution, for supplying the population with clean and safe drinking water and for provision of industrial- and fire extinguishing water.


Taking into account urban development we design individually tailored concepts for waste water disposal, water distribution and rainwater treatment.

Our Services


  • Waste water disposal
  • Sewage master plan
  • Mixed water treatment
  • Rainwater treatment and discharge
  • Water treatment in existing distribution networks
  • Planning and construction of water supply facilities

Road and Path Construction

Design. Form. Maintain.


Modern transportation concepts require the construction and maintenance of roads and paths that are premanently safe.


We will assist you by the intensive planning and in the process we can rely on a wide range of expertise in associated fields like geology, hydrology, landscape protection and conservation.

Our Services


  • Development of building sites
  • Planning of access roads includung sidewalks and bicycle paths
  • Planning of supply facilities
  • Planning of disposal facilities
  • Tendering and on-site supervision
  • Documentation

Hydraulic Engineering

Measures implemented systematically.

Relating to measures, technical interventions and structures in the ground-and surface water areas we will gladly provide you consultation and conceptions. Thereby in particular, we offer you long-term simulations of flood protection as well as the evaluation of hydraulic effects to tunning waters (for example in course of renaturation).

Our Services


  • Renaturation of streams
  • Hydraulic 1D- & 2D-modeling
  • Integral flood protection concepts
  • Conceptual planning of flood protection measures
Contact person

Jens Schmeisser

  • Flood protection
  • Urban water management
  • Road-/ Path Construction
  • Hydraulic engineering


Contact person

Manfred Gutjahr 

  • Foundation soil







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