Water is our most important resource. While 70% of the Earth surface consists of water, the human body also made of about 70% water. We will help you to optimally use and long-term ensure this resource in compliance with highest quality standards.


Clean drinking water is taken for granted in our society. We create the basis for preservation of this standard with drinking water treatment concepts. Furthermore, a reliable and sustainable water supply must be guaranteed.


We support you in the use of natural groundwater reserves through well facilities and spring tapping under consideration of all environmental aspects.


Groundwater development
Water treatment
Numerical models

Water extraction according to your needs

For more than 10 years our team addresses the realization of cost-effective and sustainable concepts in the interest of our clients. In the process, your expectations and goals remain in focus. Basis is a deep understanding of all interrelationships and long-term experience in groundwater modelling.


The use of natural groundwater reserves requires a deeper understanding of the natural systems and excellent knowledge of the technical possibilities for development, pumping, routing, storage and treatment. We advise water suppliers on all issues of drinking water- and industrial water development from the determination of the catchment area to well construction, the legal approval procedures, the appropriate treatment through to construction of elevated tanks and supply networks.


Understanding complexity.


The utilization and protection of natural groundwater reserves require a deep understanding of the natural groundwater flow systems and an excellent knowledge of the technical possibilities for development, pumping, routing, storage and treatment of groundwater.


We individually adapt our concepts to your needs, always with the goal of a cost-effective sustainable solution.

Advice on


  • All environmental aspects of groundwater development
  • Protectability of groundwater reserves
  • Methods of groundwater extraction

Our Services


  • Hydrological investigations
  • Determination of catchment area
  • Approval procedures
  • Protection areas-/ procedures for procurement of water rights
  • Court advisory
  • Hydrogeological expert reports

Groundwater Development

Reliable for more than 30 years.


Well facilities and spring tapping from the backbone of each water extraction that ensures a reliable and sustainable water supply.


With our coordinated team of experienced experts we analyze all relevant aspects using site investigations and developing individual concepts of groundwater development. In the process, the highest quality standards remain priority.

Our Services


  • Concepts for groundwater extraction
  • New construction, remediation and demolition of

    • Wells
    • Spring tapping
    • Groundwater monitoring wells
  • Planning of elevated tanks and supply networks
You must dig the well
before you are thirsty
chinese proverb


Water Treatment

Ensure Quality. Optimize Procedure.


Groundwater usually fulfills the quality requirements of the drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV) already naturally. Depending on geological conditions in the catchment area natural levels of calcium oxide, iron, manganese, trace metals or carbon dioxide can make treatment necessary.


We advise you on all issues of water treatment as well as optimization of the procedural operations management and support you by additional measures necessary for protection against undesired contaminations.



  • Publicly appointed and sworn-in expert hydrogeology (IHK Nuremberg)

Our Services


  • Planning of water treatment facilities
  • Treatment measures based on your requirements




Numerical Models

Expertise in FEFLOW & MODFLOW.


Numerical modeling of the groundwater flow has become an invaluable planning tool by all matters of groundwater extraction. Our specialists have experience and the necessary equipment in the field of groundwater- and material transport modeling. For this, they use finite-difference and finite-element methods.

Our Services


  • Groundwater flow models
  • Material- and heat transport models
  • Surface run-off models
  • Coupled surface run-off-and groundwater flow models

Our Programs


  • Modflow
  • Feflow
  • MT3D
  • Hydro AS-2D
  • Parflow
  • MT3DMS
Contact person

Dr. Katharina Vujevic

  • Hydrogeology
  • Groundwater development
  • Water treatment
  • Numerical Modeling


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