People live and act in constant interaction with our environment. A natural habitat that directly influences and changes our quality of life and our livelihood. Not standstill, but a sustainable development of our environment and thus the safeguarding and perservation of our living conditions are the foundation of our work.


We assist our customers by the early identification of problems and risks as well as the strategy development to prevent future environmental problems and solving existing ones.


The human being in its environment is the focal point.


Waste Management
Contaminated Sites
Landscaping/ Water Planning
Building Pollutants

Environmental Services for Your Adventage

In course of contaminated site management our portfolio encompasses all the necessary consulting services from a single source – from the historic research to the assessment of existing damages up to the planning, implementation and monitoring of remedial measures. Furthermore, we process the complete range of services in landfill construction and landfill remediation and we assist our customers by difficult legal and economic issues on the subject waste evaluation and waste management.


Environmental protection is always a complex task that can only be solved by interdisciplinary approaches. In the process, complex relationships must be considered and the legal framework observed. With our team of geoscientist, biologists, hydrogeologists, landscape architects, civil engineers and process engineers we offer you the broad technical background and the necessary long-term experience to accomplish the task.

Waste Management

Proper disposal – only how?


The legally-compliant disposal of building materials and waste requires knowledge of the requirements and possibilities in comprehensive complexity.


Furthermore, a cost-effective disposal is complicated by a multitude of federal- and state-specific regulations as well as facility-related approvals.


Thus, the cooperation with an experienced partner in investigation-, recycling- and disposal concepts is essential. It is the only way to ensure a cost-optimized, verifiable proper disposal.

Our Services


  • Determine important framework conditions
  • Accredited sampling
  • Selection of case-specific declaration parameters for the disposal
  • Analysis in an accredited laboraty
  • Evaluation of results
  • Expert reports
  • Recycling concept in authorized disposal facilities


Benefit from our experience!


The last waste management option, provided the waste cannot be recycled, is the disposal at secure landfills.


Until the 1960s waste was deposited in small discordered municipally-owned dumps without any monitoring


In contrast to that modern landfill sites are found today thar clearly differ in their structure from the past.

Our Services


  • Site- and landfill investigation with own technical field staff
  • Sampling and assessment according to German Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG)
  • Declaration and evaluation according to the waste laws
  • Monitoring of groundwater and leachate
  • Landfill gas including FID inspections
  • Risk assessment
  • Alternative remedial concepts
  • Closure- and aftercare planning with subsequent use

With our team of experienced and qualified environmental engineers we focus on


  • Old landfills of previous decades
  • Old landfills in the closure- and aftercare phase
  • Landfills according to landfill ordinance

Contaminated Sites

Investigation. Monitoring. Remediation


The German Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG) and the Water Framework Directive of the European Community form the basis for the implementaion of soil- and water protection in Germany.


Properties that have undergone toxic and/or environmentally harmful changes of their soil or groundwater as result of past human activity are referred to as contaminated sites in compliance with the law. With our 30 years of experience in the field of contaminated site management and a crew of experienced field workers we are able to offer you all the necessary services for investigation and monitoring of cases of damage.

Our Services


  • Historic research
  • Sampling according to LAGA PN 98
  • Initial investigation and detailed investigation
  • Remedial investigation, remedial planning
  • Landfill gas including FID inspection, risk assessment
  • Implementation planning, tendering
  • Construction supervision, technical consultancy services

Landscaping and Water Planning

All aspects in mind.


Legal nature protection issues that must be considered invariably arise by intervention in the natural habitat, be it through well construction, land revitalization, landfill planning or the use of renewable energy.

Concomitant to our core services we offer comprehensive solution concepts for realization for your project.

Our Services


  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Landscape conservation support plans
  • Ecological construction supervision
  • Species conservation assessment
  • Protective measures for trees
  • Recultivation
  • Photovoltaics open-site systems


Procedure with concept.


While in the past a conventional demolition without seperation of building materials and seperate designation of possible pollutants was common practice, today qualified building demolition is performed extensively. Different building materials must be distinguished an allocated for appropriate procedures as well as disposal channels. For this purpose, the building must be examined in advance for pollutants.


Basis for the demolition of buildings is the detailed technical planning of all technical demolition measured and especially a consequent waste management.

Our Services


  • Historic research
  • Detailed building inspection including preparation of a room book
  • Demolition concept based on the building substance investigation
  • Tendering
  • Preparation of approval documents
  • Health- and occupational safety concepts
  • Disposal concepts

Building Pollutants

Recognize risks early.


Building pollutants are found in older, but also in newer buildings. Usually building materials that were frequently installed in the past were forbidden years later for health reasons (i.e. asbestos). This can lead to high disposal costs by remedial- and demolition measures due to legal waste requirements. In scope of the building pollutant investigation we support you with the investigation, the delimitation of contaminant sources and the technical support of remedial-/reconstruction- and demolition measures.


Furthermore, we offer you indoor air measurements including all the necessary investigation parameters. Your well-being and health is directly related to an appropriate high quality of indoor air.

Our Services


  • On-site pollutant investigations
  • Investigation of materials and dust
  • Delimitation of contaminant sources (pollutant register)
  • Technical support of remedial-/reconstruction- and demolition measures
  • Indoor air measurements

Building Pollutants are


  • Asbestos
  • PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocabrons)
  • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • AMF (artifical mineral fibers)
  • Heavy metals (i.e. lead, cadmium and mercury)
  • Mold and germs
Contact person

Matthias Hahn

  • Contaminated Sites








Contact person

Mona Münker

  • Waste Management
  • Landfills
  • Landscaping/ water planning
  • Demolition
  • Building pollutants



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